Eye Sea You

Eye Sea You is my watersports brand umbrella under which I have worked for watersports professionals, magazines, events, watersports brands and suppliers. Sports include windsurfing, surfing and stand up paddle and although based in Spain I travel extensively for my work: favourite spots are Brasil, Mexico, Greece and Morocco. I am happy to go wherever there is action on the water and capture it.


I shoot from both the beach and from the water, and have extensive experience of both. In addition to shooting watersports pro’s and features for magazines, I also work with brands to generate content for use in marketing and sales campaigns. When shooting I’m always looking for both a great composition and a shot that promotes the brand in a positive light.


I also work with watersports centres and suppliers and cover water sports events such as windsurfing competitions, stand up paddle races and triathlons. Such shoots are not just about reporting on the activity but also capturing something of the setting and ambience.


I discuss with my clients what are their needs in order to understand what images they are looking for; what story they wish to tell; what aspects of their business or event they wish to promote; in order to extract maximum value for my client from the shoot.

Please contact me to discuss your needs, I’m sure it will be the start of a beautiful relationship.

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