Just downloading photos from today’s Circuito Mediterraneo SUP race at Republica SUP (Club Nautico Alicante) and I am reminded how often SUP shots can look un-dynamic. Starts are always dynamic – everyone close together, lots of straining and splashing about – but once the competitors are up and running some shots can look like someone standing on a board, holding a stick, on flatwater. A little dull. Hmmm . . . .

But for me this is great – this pushes me to work harder to get a good shot. I have to think about what I am doing and concentrate harder on what is going on. If the action is losing dynamism, then I have to be more dynamic – thinking about changing something on the camera; changing the composition or changing my physical position. That might even mean breaking the rules – this can deliver some great results, on occasion. In photography, as in sport, you have to cross the line in order to know where the line is (and why it is there).



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